Busbar Trunking

CDL Lighting Busbar, 25, 40Amps

CDL Lighting Busbar

  • Snap fit joints for fast installations and robust housing

  • Integral L4/L5 conductors and tap off can carry DALI  signals

BD01 Small Power Busbar, 40-160Amps

BD01 Small Power Busbar

  • Compact design with standard IP54 degree of protection

  • Flexible tap off units can be adapted

BD2 Medium Power Busbar, 160-1250 Amps

BD2 Medium Power Busbar

  • Flexible system up to 12 tap offs per length

  • Horizontal or vertical usage

  • Wide range of Tap offs with/without meters for Energy management

LX High Power Busbar, 800-6300Amps

LX High Power Busbar

  • Sandwich single bolt joint configuration, and IP55 low impedance design

  • Up to 6 conductors accomodates Double Neutral or CE

  • Specialist project management team

LR Cast Resin system, 650 – 6150Amps

LR Cast Resin system

  • Standard IP68 enclosure can resist arduous environments

  • Adaptor joint to metallic LX system to allow Best fit to todays energy

  • Conscious buildings in either Cu or Al versions