MM8000 DMS & MM8000 express

Customer Benefits

  • Increasing overall safety through integration into a danger management system

  • Integrating Fire Safety & Security

  • Complete control in a user friendly manner

  • Full audit trail of events

  • Increased communication via email and SMS at the most critical times

Easy Integration with other systems

  • Communication with danger management systems and visualization on computers

  • Interface to process control systems

  • Interoperability with other security systems, e.g. access control, intrusion detection

  • True Open protocol with BACnet and OPC integration

  • Interface for visualization of floor plan display, alarm signaling and  emergency warning
    systems as well as evacuation systems

Enhanced Safety Features

  • Prompted alarm handling – step by step operator guide

  • Fast overview – through graphic layouts

  • Automatic actions with time programs – example: night mode between
    7.00 pm and 5.00 am with heightened detector sensitivity and direct
    connection to the fire department

  • Convenient analysis – by saving all events in a standard SQL database

  • Fast protection – automatic alert via text messaging, pager (ESPA protocol), e-mail or fax

Safety in all disciplines

In general, management systems from Siemens offer

  • Increased security through combination of information – for example:

  • Automatic fade-in of correct video image for alarm verification in the event of fire

  • Simultaneous unblocking of all access controlled doors

  • Greater overview through summary of all safety-relevant events – fire, intrusion, access, video surveillance, etc. – on a large screen

  • Improved operational safety, lower training costs - through harmonized alarm processing for the various disciplines

  • Maximum safety through step-by-step guidance - clear instructions for alarm handling to ensure safe operation even under stressful conditions