E100 voice alarm

Customer Benefits

  • Clear information and instruction

  • Fully compliant with BS EN54 part 16 & BS EN54 part 4

  • Redundant Network

  • Class D high efficiency digital amplification

Clear Information and Instructions

  • People react to spoken instructions improving evacuation from the building

  • General public increasingly ignores alarm signals due to false alarms

  • Phased evacuation improving flow of people and safe departure

  • Voice messages may show escape routes, which can be used or also which can not be used

Enhanced Safety & Efficiency Features

  • High redundancy by decentralized logic and decentralized storage of tones & messages

  • Class D amplifiers with very high efficiency (> 85%) to reduce power consumption, secondary power supply and energy cost

  • Integrated firefighters telephone system

  • Fully compliant and certified by Vds to EN54 part 16 and power supplies to EN54 part 4

System Features

  • Amplifier wattage 70W and 300W

  • Bulk- and zone amplification

  • Online and offline supervised amplifiers and speaker zones (also during ongoing page or background music)

  • Speaker lines can be configured as class A, A/B or B wiring

  • Local frequency range 85Hz up to 17kHz

  • Integrated power supply, scalable

  • 32 control units in a network

  • Distance between two control units 300m (Cat 3), 900m (Cat 5), total distance 10.000m

  • Full digital system (no analogue amplifiers)

  • Modular system structure for simple system extensions and service

  • 8 digital audio channels for simultaneously transmission of different audio signals (e.g. live page, evacuation, alert, music, etc.)

  • 5 emergency channels, 2 non-emergency, 1 external input per amp

  • LCD touchscreen with plain text indication for events, failures, etc.