The “IO-Link” system is now also opening up the final level of control engineering by means of communication technology: sensors and actuators that previously only transmitted signals and switching states to the programmable logic controller (PLC) are now making available their entire intelligence and functionality system-wide. more
Plant availability, consistency of the production and process data, easy wiring: These and other buzzwords are mentioned in connection with IO-Link. What lies behind IO-Link, where can IO-Link be economically utilized and what are the other advantages? An application will be used to illustrate the answers. more
As the functions at all levels of automation technology become more and more complex and the information density increases, the need for communication and networking grows. Most I/O modules are linked in a decentralized manner via fieldbus systems today, and control units communicate with company networks so that production data can be archived. more
The communication IO link was specified in the Profibus user organization (PNO) for their manufacturer-neutral integration in the automation. more